Community Acupuncture Albuquerque

Supporting our community through affordable acupuncture

2509 Vermont St NE, Suite A2 - Albuquerque, NM 87110 – 505 266 2606 –

Welcome to Community Acupuncture Albuquerque!

Cancellation Policy

By everyone working together, patients and staff, we can make this affordable clinic work and provide service for years to come. We have a pretty liberal cancellation policy, however, we are very strict with it!

New Patients: must give 24 hour notice to cancel. If not, You will forfeit your $50 pre- payment.

Current Patients: should cancel by 8:00am the day of the appointment. A late cancellation will incur a $15 charge, a no-show will incur a $20 charge. So please do call us as soon as you know - it helps us free up the spot for someone else and saves you money.

If there is an emergency or you have covid symptoms, please let us know and we will waive the fees. An emergency constitutes - a visit to the ER or Urgent care for yourself or close family member; vomiting or uncontrollable diarrhea. If it was something that you knew before 8.00am, it is not an emergency. COVID symptoms will incur no late cancellation charge but will incur a no-show charge.

Thank you for understanding and helping us make community acupuncture work!